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We very much enjoyed the training and learned a lot from Dr. Avellanet's training and experience. Now that we have her book it's going to be easier to get everything ready for the procedures. We are putting in place her recommendations, a few adjustments make a huge difference to patient's safety and satisfaction. Thank you very much for your patience with our staff and sharing your wealth of knowledge.

Jorge Peña, Office Manager
El Paso Men's Clinic

Dr. A was very thorough, patient and kind. Her experience, available pre-prepared material and overall fund of knowledge was very helpful in setting up our office based operating theatre for the Beautifill Lipo procedures. I would highly recommend and have recommended her to my colleagues!

William Gibbs, M.D. FAAPMR

Dr. A is an experienced expert in liposuction who travels all around the world teaching (and learning) liposuction techniques. I can't imagine a better person to learn Lipo and fat transfer techniques from!

Richard Eller, MD, Vital Aesthetics - Dallas, TX

Participé en la capacitación de Beautifill, en febrero. La Dra. Avellanet dió un curso muy didáctico con un manejo del tiempo, teoría y demostraciones excelentes. La misma fué generosa, al compartir su manejo de la técnica adquirida por su amplia experiencia, para obtener resultados óptimos.

C. Navarrere, MD
Costa Rica

Having never done liposuction in the past, Dr Avellanet made learning the technique easy and simple. She was very knowledgeable about the Beautifill machine and we had fun with all my staff learning the procedure. Now I do about 3-5 per month in my office with fat transfers as well. I would highly recommend having her come to train you for anything. She's energetic, full of information and you can tell she loves what she does!

Jacqueline Youtsos, MD
Pittsburg, KS

What an incredible instructor. I cannot say enough wonderful things about Dr. Avellanet. She is amazing and knows a great deal about laser liposuction and fat harvesting. She is very personable and effective. You leave her training sessions knowing that you were well trained. It is obvious to me why she is the primary trainer used by Alma. I found her practical tips invaluable when doing cases on my own. Even after the trainings were complete, Dr. Avellanet remained a very accessible resource and for that I am really grateful. Dr. Avellanet really helped me build my confidence. Two thumbs up plus ;) - Dr. P

Heather M. Prendergast, MD, MS, MPH, FACEP
Associate Dean of Clinical Affairs, College of Medicine