Laser Spiral Diamonds

Efficiency, significantly decreasing surgery time while maximizing fat extraction and aesthetic results, is critical to a liposculpting surgery.

Avellanet Surgical Aesthetics’ line of Diamonds and their use with a laser includes the Laser Diamonds, described in the previous blog, and the Laser Spiral Diamonds.  By listening to the needs of new liposuction professionals using laser technology with suction, efficiency with molding and shaping the silhouette, along with skin retraction by applying laser energy, is consistently mentioned as a priority.  

The Laser Spiral Diamonds are the second design of the diamond cannulas to be used with an integrated laser fiber for simultaneous lasing and suction.  The Laser Spiral Diamonds were  developed for experienced laser liposuction professionals who want to improve efficiency and maximize results.   What is specific to Laser Spiral Diamonds is:   

  Additional same size diamond-shaped openings placed in a spiral shape, under the four diamonds at the tip to:

  •      Effectively and efficiently grasp the tissue 
  •      Rapidly remove large amounts of fat 
  •      Decreases time spent during suctioning

  The diamond-shaped openings-spiral diamonds-laser fiber unit is highly effective for:

  •      debulking
  •      sculpting
  •      high definition/etching
  •      less physical effort and improved surgical efficiency
  •      lesser surgical time
  •      enhanced patient’s recovery and results   

The Laser Spiral Diamonds are available as one set of three cannulas of various lengths:
(2) 4 mm and (1) 5 mm or sold individually. 

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