Avellanet® Surgical Body Contouring Training Book

Author: Yaniris R. Avellanet, MD


The field of aesthetic procedures is constantly growing and changing. To remain current, aesthetic providers require ongoing training in how to use cutting-edge technology to provide their patients with new and possibly life-enhancing treatments.

Dr. Avellanet’s experience helped her identify a need for comprehensive concierge training targeting the specific needs of aesthetic professionals and their staff. Imparting her knowledge on emerging surgical skills and techniques in cosmetic contouring procedures through a one-on-one, customized, hands-on experience revealed the need for a written training reference manual. Writing surgical training protocols and listening to the needs of aesthetic professionals resulted in this book.

The intended audience is any medical professional adding new body contouring procedures to their existing aesthetic businesses or for those transitioning to the entirely different world of aesthetics. Liposuction and fat-transfer body-contouring surgeries are the most common surgeries requested by patients who want to improve their body physique, self-esteem, and quality of life. Dr. Avellanet shares protocols for conducting liposuction and fat-transfer surgery which will help achieve the best patient results.

If you already perform liposuction and fat-transfer body-contouring surgeries, this book will help you improve and refine your skills. If you’re new to the aesthetics world, step-by-step guidance on performing these surgeries is provided. Either way, this is an educational tome authored by an expert in the field.


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