After thousands of liposuction/liposculpting procedures, it was time to upgrade the Diamond. The Diamond cannula was initially designed by my father, Dr. Carlos Avellanet, over a decade ago. It occurred to him that creating the tip of a cannula with diamond-shaped openings strategically placed in a spiral manner would increase the efficiency of the cannula in suctioning the fat during a liposuction/liposculpting procedure. In 2019, after I had also personally performed thousands of liposuction/liposculpting procedures and after trying many cannula designs, we developed a new version of the Diamond cannula.

After my father had collaborated with Clinimed many years ago, Clinimed and I encountered each other by not so much mere chance and immediately started collaborating on this project. Clinimed is a fourth-generation family-owned business, so they immediately understood the importance of delivering a unique and special product. They took our basic design and developed the Precision Diamonds® (Patent Pending).

The Precision Diamonds® (Patent Pending) are the first cannulas designed, engineered, and precision-crafted to achieve optimal results for both patients and Cosmetic Specialists, custom-designed with diamond openings and an integrated handle, making them unique to the market.

  • Innovative spatula-like tip with the diamond-shaped openings on the Precision Diamonds® (Patent Pending), easing penetration into the skin and reducing friction.
  • We strategically placed the diamond openings in a spiral shape and made them all the same size to maximize fat extraction. The tip accommodates the diamond openings in a vertical line on every side without being able to see through the cannula from any side, which significantly improves the efficacy and efficiency of the design.
  • We also integrated the handle making it one piece, making the Precision Diamonds® (Patent Pending) more responsive to the Cosmetic Specialist’s ability to manipulate fat extraction, working more efficiently and reducing the patient’s time in the surgical suite.
  • The handle itself is smaller and enhances ease of use as it sits comfortably in the palm, preferred in more lengthy procedures.