Fat Injector For Autologous Fat Transfer

Happy FAT Tuesday! It’s time to talk about the fat injector “gun”.  Fat transfer is performed by the use of syringes or a fat injector attached to cannulas of various sizes depending on the area of the body to be treated.  Small syringes (1 cc) are used to transfer fat to small areas like the face, hands, labia majora, as small quantities of the graft and precision of technique are needed in these areas.

Larges areas to volumize with autologous fat include the breasts, the “hip dips” and the buttocks.  Larger syringes (20 cc, 30 cc, 60 cc) are commonly used to transfer fat to these areas.  Multiples syringes are usually used to speed up the process resulting on an increase in use of disposables and cost. 

An alternative to the use of syringes would be a reusable fat injector.  There are various types and sizes; some designs only include the handle and disposable syringes of various sizes can be adjusted into the handle and other designs have an integrated, reusable syringe of different sizes, commonly 25 cc and 50 cc.  

The advantages of the fat injector “gun” are:

1.  It’s reusable:  it can be sterilized in the autoclave.

2.  It can be calibrated to deposit a pre-set amount of fat in a given area.  This advantage can avoiding large amounts of fat to be deposited in a given area that could potentially lead to fat necrosis.

3.  Avoids the increase in the amount of disposables.

A disadvantage of the gun injector would be it’s size as it could be consider bulky and hard to manipulate.  Nonetheless, there’s a learning curve for everything in surgery.  Try it and decide on your own! Like I always say in my posts #fatisgold.

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