Happy Thursday! Today I’m sharing easy tips to keep your patient comfortable  during surgery. A patient awake during an in-office surgical procedure should always be comfortable, from the moment she/he arrives at the clinic, during the entire duration of the procedure and until she’s /he’s discharged.

The patient is and should always be the central player in any surgery, specially if the patient is awake and conscious all throughout.  It is critical that the Cosmetic Specialist and his/her staff are aware of the patient’s comfort all throughout the procedure and one staff member, usually the circulating, non-sterile assistant, should be in charge of maintaining the patient comfortable from start to end of the surgery.

Some tips I can recommend to keep the awake patient comfortable during a liposuction/fat transfer surgery:

  • Heating pad for the surgical bed/chair
  • Socks
  • Cover for patient
  • Eye mask
  • Music
  • Warm skin disinfectant during prepping
  • Warm tumescent anesthesia fluid during infiltration
  • Oral hydration throughout the surgery
  • Verbal reassurance throughout the surgery

A comfortable patient will adequately behave throughout the duration of the surgery and will have a more enjoyable overall experience in the surgical suite.

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