Happy 2021

When I think about fat, I think about glow and radiance.  When you think about fat, you think, how can I help my patients look gorgeous, lean and healthy?  Well, unwanted pockets of fat can be sculpted and areas with volume loss can be refreshed!  This describes #fatisgold.  Gold is referred as a valuable metal the same way as FAT should be referred as a valuable living tissue.

You and I, as Aesthetic Specialists, let’s start this new year 2021, focused on staying healthy, continuing to be cautious and responsible while protecting us as well as our patients, and remaining resilient and perseverant in our daily lives to keep moving forward towards success.  Let’s also educate our patients  on the importance of self-care and self-love; let’s encourage them to embrace and celebrate anything that makes them feel and look their best.

It’s time to suck some fat!  If lipo is part of your repertoire, I will help you sculpt some more.  If you’re wasting the fat removed, start treating it as gold and let me train you to transfer fat.  If you’re still not part of the lipo and fat transfer world, contact me and let’s get started now!

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