Precision Diamonds®

THE STORY, THE WHY, AND THE HOW: After thousands of liposuction/liposculpting procedures, it was time to upgrade the Diamond. The Diamond cannula was initially designed by my father, Dr. Carlos Avellanet, over a decade ago. It occurred to him that creating the tip of a cannula with diamond-shaped openings strategically placed in a spiral manner would increase the efficiency of the cannula in suctioning the fat during a liposuction/liposculpting procedure. In 2019, after I had also personally performed thousands of liposuction/ liposculpting procedures and after trying many cannula designs, we developed a new version of the Diamond cannula.

After my father had collaborated with Clinimed many years ago, Clinimed and I encountered each other by not so much mere chance and immediately started collaborating on this project. Clinimed is a fourth-generation family-owned business, so they immediately understood the importance of delivering a unique and special product. They took our basic design and developed the Precision Diamonds®.

THE DESCRIPTION: The Precision Diamonds® are the first cannulas designed, engineered, and precision-crafted to achieve optimal results for both patients and Cosmetic Specialists, custom-designed with diamond openings and an integrated handle, making them unique to the market. Our extensive experience provided us the insight to create an innovative spatula-like tip with the diamond-shaped openings on the Precision Diamonds®, easing penetration into the skin and reducing friction. We also integrated the handle making it one piece, making the Precision Diamonds® more responsive to the Cosmetic Specialist’s ability to manipulate fat extraction, working more efficiently and reducing the patient’s time in the surgical suite. The handle is smaller and enhances ease of use as it sits comfortably in the palm, preferred in more lengthy procedures. Finally, we strategically placed the diamond openings in a spiral shape and made them all the same size to maximize fat extraction. The tip accommodates the diamond openings in a vertical line on every side without being able to see through the cannula from any side, which significantly improves the efficacy and efficiency of the design.

THE NEED: All the above features of the design improve fat removal efficiency during a liposuction/liposculpting procedure. The cannula effectively and efficiently grasps the tissue to be treated, rapidly removing higher amounts in lesser time. This design provides the Cosmetic Specialist with reassurance that an instrument will optimally perform and deliver, maximizing the results and minimizing time spent during suctioning.

THE RECOMMENDATION: This cannula design is for expert hands in mind. After the Cosmetic Specialist understands the tissue at hand and has performed many procedures using other cannula designs, the Precision Diamonds® will optimize the work and deliver excellent and acceptable results.

AREAS TO BE TREATED: The Precision Diamonds® come in 3 sizes, 3mm, 4mm, and 5mm, and are used in body liposuction and liposculpting procedures for debulking large areas, suctioning areas where the fat is most fibrous, and definition during etching.

FINAL PRODUCT: The design of The Precision Diamonds® and the experience of collaborating with Clinimed in the manufacturing and delivery of the final product have been very fulfilling experiences. I am already working with Clinimed on other projects that will continue to create cutting-edge surgical instruments to enhance surgical results and improve patient outcomes.



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