The last blog we talked about goals and safety doses for local tumescent anesthesia fluid. Today we will talk about oral sedation and patient controlled analgesia before and during surgery.  Local tumescent liposuction is a safe, efficient and reproducible technique with excellent outcomes.  The goal of the tumescent technique is to achieve complete anesthesia and vasoconstriction of the targeted tissues with minimal risks of complications and minimal discomfort and surgery time.  The tumescent technique increases accuracy in liposuction, achieving excellent aesthetic results.

Oral sedation can be used to provide patients a more relaxing and pleasurable experience by reducing the pre-operative anxiety related to surgery.  There are many options of “cocktails” the Cosmetic Specialist can advise patients to take.  To be the most effective, oral sedation should be given at the clinic, 30 to 60 minutes prior to surgery.

A mix of 50% nitrous oxide and 50% oxygen oxide (PronoxTM) is an effective patient-administered analgesic that provides quick pain and anxiety relief.  This type of analgesia can be used with or without the use of oral sedation.  It’s best use is during the infiltration part, when the patient is most anxious and most discomfort is felt.

The use of local tumescent anesthesia with oral sedation and/or patient-administered analgesia during a liposuction/fat transfer surgery results in good anesthesia with very few complications.


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