Clinimed™ EXO-Ports Liposuction Skin Ports


Happy Monday and hope you had a fantastic weekend!  Today we talk about a tool that protects the skin and your patients will be so very thankful and happy. This video shows you what are the Clinimed™ EXO-Ports Liposuction Skin Ports and how to use them. These ports help protect the skin from frictional and thermal abrasions during a liposuction procedure.

We placed two ports only on the patient’s right abdomen, upper and lower, and we didn’t tell the patient what the ports were for.  We asked the patient to give us feedback about the healing process of the abdominal skin incisions.  She reported that the incisions on her right side of the abdomen healed faster, in 4 to 5 days they were completely closed and healed and there were no raw areas of redness, compared to the left side, which took 7-8 days.

From my perspective, the ports are easy to place; it only takes a few additional minutes to suture them in place.  The cannulas easily glide in and out without any friction on the skin surrounding the incisions.  The ports are comfortable for the patient, even when the patient was constantly changing positions throughout the surgery.  I highly recommend the ports.  Give them a try!  Connect with us at

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